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Our Process


Our exterior hand wash is done with the use of soft wool wash mitts, three buckets (one with water, the other with a mild car shampoo, one with mitts intended only for wheels), and a small pressure washer. This is recommended every 2-4 weeks depending on the vehicle's driving conditions and environmental exposure. When we begin the wash process, we start with cleaning the rims, tires, and wheel wells:

  • The rims, tires, and wheel wells are rinsed thoroughly to begin loosening up dirt and brake dust and cool the surfaces for safe degrease.
  • These areas are then sprayed with a pH-balanced non-acid wheel cleaner. Brushes are used to agitate the chemical to lift away dirt and brake dust thoroughly
  •  The rims, tires and wheel wells are all rinsed again to remove all dirt and wheel cleaner.

We then thoroughly wash the body of the car:

  • We rinse the body of the car to remove as much dirt and grime as possible to provide for a safe hand wash.
  • We use soft wool wash mitts and a mild exterior shampoo to safely and gently remove the remaining dirt and grime from the paint. (The body will be soaked with the shampoo using a foam spray nozzle before the wool mitts touch the car if the body is severely soiled to loosen up more dirt and grime)


A clay bar treatment is the manual use of clay material specially made to glide over the paint while lubricated with a specially made clay lubricant to remove all types of dirt, construction fallout, road grime, and other environmental matter such as tree sap that embeds itself into the clear coat and cannot be removed with a hand wash alone. This process is done after a thorough hand wash.

  • If the paint is severely contaminated (it will feel really bumpy after even the most thorough hand wash), an application of wax or other types of paint sealants may have little to no effect on protecting the paint.
  • If the body isn't thoroughly washed regularly, time will allow dirt and other contaminates to embed themselves into the clear coat.
  • Even with regular washing and waxing of the body, tree matter and concrete fallout and still contaminate the body badly enough in a very short period of time to require


Protecting your investment

Applying wax or a paint sealant to the clear coat layer of the paint makes all the difference in the longevity of it's life. They are intended to protect the clear coat from becoming dull in sunlight, offer resistance to dirt and road grime, help to protect against environmental clear coat burns (from bird droppings, tree sap, bug splatter, etc.), and make the car easier to clean when cleaned regularly. Choosing wax or a sealant all depends on the car's needs or the owner's desire.

  • Our quality carnauba based wax is intended to be applied every 3-5 months depending on how often the vehicle is washed and how often it's exposed to environmental damage
  • Sealants offer more longevity, as we offer sealants that offer protection for 1 year on average, to sealants that offer permanent protection that will not fade.


A paint correction is the process of enhancing the clear coat to its complete potential by using high speed and orbital machine polishers, along with different types of pads and compounds to provide for the best looking swirl free, high gloss finish possible. We then apply a sealant to preserve the gloss, protect against environmental damage, and make regular maintenance washes a lot more simple. A coat of wax follows to enhance the gloss further. A paint evaluation beforehand will determine the clear coat's condition and how much work will be required for a complete correction.


Our interior detailing begins with an air tool wipe down of the dashboard, doors, center console, and all vinyl surfaces to remove dust, dirt, and stains. We offer applications of high quality conditioners and sealants to enhance the finish and protect it from harmful UV rays.

For leather, we use a pH-balanced leather cleaner to safely and effectively remove dirt and stains and prepare it for your choice of a high quality conditioner or sealant for the best enhanced finish and protection, all without the overly shiny and greasy look.

For fabric, such as the headliner, carpets, and floor mats, we offer vacuuming, shampooing and disinfecting odor treatment which leaves a mild, pleasant fragrance. We also offer a coating of fabric sealants for the most protection after a deep cleaning.